Giving Shape to Ideas

Why is document versioning important in a DMS?
Nov-30-2017 By Admin

Change is the only constant, they say. Nothing exemplifies this more than the series of drafts and versions (of, say, a document, database, file or…

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Oct-23-2017 By Admin

Decoding the pros & cons of Cloud DMS vs Onsite Deployment.  When data went to the cloud, businesses around the world experienced a paradigm shift.…

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Paper vs Digital Document : which is more secure?
Sep-22-2017 By Admin

Paper vs Digital Document : which is more secure?  Print it, or scan it? Photocopy them or just share the link? If you’ve been toggling…

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How Adoption of Cloud DMS Reduces Business Cost
Jul-26-2017 By Admin

Kevin Kruse of “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management” says that successful people consider time as the most valuable thing in their life. Thus, despite…

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Why Is A DMS The Ideal Platform For Seamless Collaboration On Documents Between Geographically Spread Workgroups?
Jul-26-2017 By Admin

Businesses are increasingly moving towards gig economy wherein the teams usually are geographically spread. In India, many large and small IT organizations allow its employees…

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