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AccurioPress C2070P/C2060 Product Overview


Product Highlights

  • Output Size:   SRA3
  • Output Type:   Colour

Recommended User

  • CRDs (Centralised Reprographic Departments),
    Government offices
    Education facility printing departments Quick printers Print-for-pay

Copy Speed(A4/Letter Crosswise)

  • C2070P/C2060 Colour and B&W 71ppm
  • C2070P/C2060 Colour and B&W 61ppm
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Expand your order-receipt range in leaps and bounds

350gsm Thick Paper Compatibility

Capable of 350gsm thick paper duplex printing to expand printing service variations to include applications such as packages and sales promotion materials. Not only that, but AccurioPress is capable of feeding from 62gsm for thin paper and 81gsm for coated paper.

350gsm Thick Paper Compatibility


Top-of-the Class Banner print Compatibility

Banner Printing

Use of Multi-bypass Unit [MB-506] and Banner Printing Kit [MK-740] enables 1,200mm Banner printing to support a wide range of applications including A4 landscape book covers, double-parallel fold catalogues, banner ads and POPs.

* Optional

High-volume 750mm Banner Sheet Feed

Large Capacity Unit [LU-202XL] is capable of feeding a maximum of 1,000 sheets of 750mm long paper to realise ease of high-volume printing of items such as book covers, tri-fold catalogues and pamphlets.

Banner Printing


Powerful productivity for high-demand envelope printing

Envelope printing

Mounting Envelope Printing Guide Option [MK-746] in addition to Air-suction 3-level Paper Feeder Unit [PF-707] and Multi-bypass Unit [MB-506] enables printing of envelopes sent from Large Capacity Units [LU-202XL/LU-202m].

* Optional

High-speed, High-quality Envelope Printing

Use of the dedicated Envelope Printing Fuser [EF-103] suppresses creasing even at high speed to realise consistent envelope printing quality.

Envelope printing


Full Range of Paper Profiles and Search Function

Paper Catalogue Function

AccurioPress is furnished with paper profiles recommended by Konica Minolta matched to user environment. Settings matched to paper can be selected as default values. In addition, the system features an improved search function for items such as required paper settings and registered settings, simplifying paper settings to enhance production ratios and enabling printing with optimum conditions matched to each paper type.

Paper Catalogue Function


Optimum Use of Paper

A3 full-bleed printing

AccurioPress is compatible with a maximum paper size of 330 x 487mm and a maximum printing area of 323 x 480mm. As well, of course, as full-bleed A3 size printing with registration marks, the system is also capable of duplex A4 printing with registration marks.

A3 full-bleed printing


Improved Thin-paper Feeding Capability by enhanced Air Power

Air blow fusing separation mechanism

Air is blown to the area around the fusing nip to prevent the paper from sticking around the roller. This also increases conveyance performance, greatly enhancing separation performance for thin sheets of paper. Air volume can be set automatically or manually according to paper type.

Air blow fusing separation mechanism


Stable Paper Conveyance

Air suction belt paper feed system [PF-707]

[PF-707] is a paper feeder unit that incorporates a suction function. The air-assist function blows air from the sides and front to separate sheets, which are then adsorbed onto the suction belt for conveyance. Optimised air control matched to the paper types eliminates paper damage and realises stable feeding, even of thick and coated sheets.

* Optional

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Fast startup and output.

*1 WUT(Warm-up Time) :
The time between when the power switch is turned on and when copy operation can start.

*2 FCOT(First Copy Out Time) :
The time between when the Start button is pressed and the end of output of the first copy page.

A five-line graphical display for more clearer indications and simple guidance is available on the LCD screen.
This result in less time spent on searching information in the product manual.


Variety of duplex copy methods to fulfill different purposes.

- 1-sided ➞ 2-sided*1 :
Automatic double-sided copying.
- 2-sided ➞ 1-sided*2 :
A double-sided document can be copied into 2 pages with 1-sided each.
- 2-sided ➞ 2-sided*3 :
Automatically copy double-sided document to one sheet of paper.
*1 Optional Auto Duplex Unit AD-509 is required.
*2 Optional Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625 is required.
*3 Optional Auto Duplex Unit AD-509 and Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625 are required.

Output from a Linux environment is also available.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) ×86
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) AMD64/Intel64
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) ×86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) AMD64/ Intel64

Multi-page documents can be printed on one sheet. 2-in-1 prints 2 pages on 1 sheet, and 4-in-1 prints 4 pages on 1 sheet.

One touch ID Copy button allows you to copy the front and back side of any small documents such as Passport, Employee-id, Driving licence into one sheet of paper.
The readable range is up to A5 size.


The scanned files can be saved directly to USB memory, or sent to different destination such as E-mail*1, SMB*1 or FTP*1. The supported scan formats are TIFF, PDF and JPEG.
*1 Optional Network Interface Card NC-504 or PCL controller with NIC IC-209 and Option Panel MK-749 are required.


Both sided documents can be scanned automatically at once with optional RADF(Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625).

Scan performance (1-sided per minute)

* When equipped with the Reverse Automatic Document feeder DF-625.
With the Konica Minolta's own Toner Loop Mechanism technology, there will be no more waste toner.

Different types of Watermarks can be added on the documents based on the purpose or importance level of documents.

The MFP can be set to request a 3-digit account number to use the Copy feature. To restrict users who are not authorized to use the MFP. Also, numbers of copies made under each account can be tracked.

The MFP will not perform any outputs until user enters the same password as it has been set in the printer driver. To prevent highly confidentiality documents being left on the MFP or taken by unauthorized user.