What does Konica Minolta recycle?

Konica Minolta is a leading company that aims in recycling multi-functional peripherals like the printers, Copiers, Production printer & toner/cartridges. Abiding with the Extended Producers’ Responsibility (EPR) in the E-waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011, Konica Minolta has commenced a program which aims to channelize and dispose of the waste.With an aim to make our planet sustainable and eco-friendly, we at Konica Minolta, recycle the following items:
  • Printers – A3 & A4 Printer & Production Printer.
  • Consumables & Toners for the above devices.

How does Konica Minolta recycle?

Konica Minolta has implemented Three Green Activities in order to support the Medium Term Environment Plan 2015. The company aims in the development of eco-friendly products that have negligible toxic materials allowing for a detailed evaluation of its eco-friendly activities. At Konica, we work to bring about eco-friendly innovations by implementing the Three Green Activities. It is because of this that our products are easy to re-cycle and reuse.

How does Konica Minolta recycle in India?

We have tied up with authorized recycler to recycle/ dispose waste in an environment friendly way.

How to participate in Konica Minolta Three Green Activities?

Konica Minolta welcomes individuals who wish becoming a part of the Medium Term Environment Plan 2015. You can also contact our call center or send us an email for we would be pleased to help you recycle our products.
Konica Minolta empresses it desires to promote the initiative which reduces the impact of e-waste in every phase of your business. Yes, you can place a recycling box at the workplace, where you can dump or dispose of the used printer cartridges. We promote this to reduce the environmental impact of our product usage. The company runs a fee-based recovery program and collects and recycles the used cartridges, copiers, and laser printers from its corporate clients.
Konica Minolta undertakes three green activities which focus on preventing global warming, reducing the threat of chemical substance, supports the recycling-oriented society and restoring and preserving the biodiversity. We globally reduce the use of packaging materials, promote recycling the product, and reduce the waste discharge.
Not surprisingly, there are many mobile handsets, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and camera batteries that keep lying around our homes and offices. Rather than allowing these to accumulate dust in your attic, or simply throwing them in the bin, which could have a harmful environmental impact, why not recycle them.Abiding by the e-Waste Rules 2011, companies are taking an initiative to commence a collection mechanism which channelizes and disposes of the waste. To make our planet sustainable it is time we recycle the products which cannot be used further. Did you know that nearly 40 million tons of e-waste are generated all across the world every year?E-Waste is growingly exponentially just because the markets are now flooded with plenty of electronic gadgets, batteries and other devices which enter the waste stream. E-waste describes the discarded electrical components. The government of India says that it is time the manufacturers realize the significance of managing the environmental influence of e-waste on consumers all across the world. The government says that it is the manufacturer of the product who is end to end responsible for managing the e-waste.E-waste has become a complicated issue which concerns the environmentalist owning to the fact that every year, there is a number of electronic items which are discarded in landfills. Reasons as to why e-waste affects our environment:
  • Most of the consumers are unaware that the electronic gadgets contain toxins which leach out into the soil, damaging our environment.
  • The toxic materials present in these devices pose assorted health and environmental risks.
  • E-waste takes longer time period to biodegrade, which is a testimony that it occupies the landfill space for many years.
  • Around ninety percent of the electronic components are imported from foreign counties, which take no responsibility of managing the e-waste.
  • The e-waste is shipped under the pretext of humanitarian reasons, on the dispute that this old technology is reusable and will help to bridge the gap between the 1st and 3rd world.
  • Most of the youngsters lack training in handling the toxic materials, exposing themselves to health risks while affecting the environment also.
If you give the numbers a look, you will be surprised to see how many electronic gadgets are dumped every year. All this has a harmful impact on the environment. As per the statistics, the year 2012 saw 300 million tons of e-waste of which less than 40% was recycled. Indeed it is time to get alert!
With everyone becoming environmentally friendly, it has become mandatory for the manufacturing companies to sign a contract with the vendor companies with an objective to recycle the e-waste. Companies recycle to contribute towards a more sustainable environment.Below are some tips mentioned, that throw light on how to improve the situation and control e-waste. These tips will certainly prove to be a blessing.
  • Never throw your electronic devices in the bin or dump in soil, rather dispose of them off to your scrap dealers. The manufactures take this step as it helps in reducing the number of materials which needs to be extracted from the earth.
  • To keep the safety of your personal information, make sure you remove your personal details from the respective device.
  • The civic bodies are now joining hands with scrap dealers so that they receive e-waste in great quantities. As a responsible citizen, you must contact these civic bodies or scrap dealers so that your devices are reused precisely.
  • Visit the charitable organizations and initiate a noble cause of donating the electronic devices that cannot be used further. Besides contributing to the environment, you can bring a smile on the face of underprivileged people.
It is time we grasp and understand the issue of e-waste as it is a global concern. Speak about the end to end solutions, go green, and contribute towards a sustainable world making it a better place to live.