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How Adoption of Cloud DMS Reduces Business Cost

Jul-26-2017 By Admin

How Adoption of Cloud DMS Reduces Business Cost

Kevin Kruse of “15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management” says that successful people consider time as the most valuable thing in their life. Thus, despite knowing that time indeed is money, businesses today spend it carelessly in managing procedures and processes the conventional way. Moreover, the costs of these procedures and processes are never quantified and are considered necessary, exacerbating the problem further. We are referring to how organizations, even today, use hard copies of documents to manage numerous processes in their organizations.

One cannot argue that the benefits of Document Management System (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management transcend beyond monetary benefits. The biggest benefit, of course, is you save precious working hours within your organization that can be utilized in some other way. We would still like to elaborate how you can derive tangible benefits by adopting DMS in our organization.


No More Storage Space Requirements

Papers need to be stored in box files and file cabinets. These things cost. Also, valuable space that can be used for other productive purposes gets blocked. With cloud based DMS, you effectively eliminate costs.



Printing and Copying

Once you switch to DMS, costs associated with printing come down significantly. Collaborative work can be done in a digital environment, apart from effectively reducing use of electricity, paper, toner/cartridge costs, your organization significantly reduces its carbon footprint. The result, an efficient and profitable organization that is also environmentally friendly.



Easy Distribution

Inter-office distribution of documents becomes easier with DMS. The original copy is safe within the digital vaults. And if you need to handover receipts to customers and maintain its copy within office, DMS makes the entire process super easy.



Streamlined Processes

A completely paperless office means all your records are stored digitally in cloud. You can access any document within few clicks. Imagine how faster you can receive payments, clear payrolls, hire people, generate invoices and maintain accounts. Streamlined processes also mean that people handling these processes will be more productive.



Disaster Proof

You don’t have to worry about papers records getting destroyed or maintaining their security. All the records are maintained at multiple off-shore locations in a secure environment.



As stated earlier, with DMS, you save time which is limited and irrevocable commodity as compared to money.




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