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MGI JV-3DS Product Features
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MGI JV-3DS Product Features


Industrial print solutions adding extra value to print output

Konica Minolta’s industrial print products lead the way in leading innovation and design, to introduce our customers to value added solutions that have high potential for clients and customers.

Added Value

Our Unique Industrial Print Solutions will ADD Extra Value to your printed output! This is done by producing a print in ways that helps increase client interest and hence can facilitate higher margins for the output. 

Superior Quality

Our Industrial Solutions have been choosen to facilitate the higest level of quality available in the market. These solutions are not just hardware based but have significant software and applications that combine to deliver Superior results.

Outstanding Flexability

Flexability of media and feature capabilities is a key driver to help deliver a revenue stream that expands an exsisting offerring and will lead to more business opportunities.

High Productivity

Productivity is not only expected but demand in the Industrial print space, and we have solutions that deliver on this expectation day on day.

Unique Technology that takes Print to the next level.

The JETvarnish 3DS can convert regular printed output into high-margin spot UV printed sheets, or even higher margin 3D embossed jobs with up to 100 microns of varnish be applied to the sheet, which lifts the image from the page and adds a higher level of sheen to colours.

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