Konica Minolta Acquires Viztek in U.S., Enhancing Healthcare IT Solution Capabilities in the World’s Largest Market

Konica Minolta Acquires Viztek in U.S., Enhancing Healthcare IT Solution Capabilities in the World’s Largest Market

Konica Minolta, Inc. today announced that it has acquired Garner, North Carolina-based Viztek LLC, a leading healthcare imaging solution provider in the U.S., through Konica Minolta Medical Imaging U.S.A., Inc. (MHUS), its U.S. sales company in the healthcare business.


Viztek is a leading innovative provider for comprehensive, end-to-end healthcare IT solutions. As a one stop source for its proprietary diagnostic imaging hardware, software and healthcare IT solution services, Viztek has strong sales channels and a deep customer base in hospitals and clinics across the country. Viztek’s strong presence and customer loyalty complements Konica Minolta’s customer base and healthcare solutions lineup across all markets – hospital, primary care, outpatient clinic, imaging center and teleradiology.

Through this acquisition, Konica Minolta will strengthen its Primary Imaging Solutions capabilities with a high growth potential in the U.S., the world’s largest healthcare market. The synergy with Viztek will enable Konica Minolta to provide enhanced value through its healthcare IT solutions centered on Digital Radiography (DR) and integrated X-ray devices, point-of-care Ultrasound and integrated PACS, RIS and EMR*.


Konica Minolta has been building on its healthcare business globally by advancing technologies and integration of diagnostic imaging equipment, both in DR and Ultrasound, and healthcare IT including PACS, RIS and EMR. These initiatives help healthcare providers with digitization and network around diagnostic image information, among others.

Since the Health Insurance Reform took effect in the U.S., the healthcare sector has accelerated initiatives to drive productivity and provide economic value. The primary care market has been growing, while mergers among hospitals are on the rise and an increasing number of clinics are forming groups. These changes and trends have increased the needs to share diagnostic imaging information and healthcare records among healthcare institutions. From now on, the primary care market is also expected to adopt more and more systems that combine diagnostic imaging equipment and healthcare IT solutions both for quality improvement in the care and for productivity enhancement.

The acquisition will enable Konica Minolta to accurately and promptly respond to their customers’ needs with combination of hardware, software and IT solutions in the diagnostic imaging field.

*PACS, RIS and EMR: Picture Archiving and Communications Systems, Radiology Information System and Electronic Medical Record.

Scheme of Acquisition

In the transaction, Viztek LLC, 20/20 Imaging LLC and their holding company, 20/20 Healthcare LLC, have become subsidiaries of MHUS. The transaction was closed on October 1, 2015.

Going forward, under the brand proposition “Giving Shape to Ideas,” Konica Minolta will drive enhancement of solution offerings to meet a broad range of needs in the healthcare field around the globe and continue to create new values.