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Occupational Safety

MOBOTIX video systems

Occupational Safety

Occupational safety is all about averting mistakes — both those that result from human error and those due to machine failures. Intelligent MOBOTIX video systems help to examine internal security processes effectively. For example, they instantly trigger an alarm if people carrying hazardous substances fall. The systems also examine areas that are isolated or too treacherous for the human eye, such as the interior of machines or piping systems.

Industry Solutions


Protect People and Make Processes Visible and Reliable. Intelligent MOBOTIX video systems help to monitor areas that are inaccessible or too dangerous for the human eye, such as the interior of machines or piping systems. Discrete operation ensures total protection against damage, theft, and vandalism – and with less need for maintenance, the total cost of ownership is lower, hence a high return on investment.

Mobotix thermal cameras register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at several 100 meters, hence they can detect early fires and can issue alarms automatically thus can save valuable huma lives. Thermal cameras can also use to detect elevated body temperatures. whether mounted in lobby or as part of Thermal Screening Station. It can send alerts of staff and visitors who are out of compliance before they mix into work population.

Kuhn Rikon, Switzerland

Le Marchesine, Italy

Wood-Fired Fire Station, Lohbruegge, Germany

Mivor Fruit Cooperative, Italy


Public budgets and taxpayer money should be used conscientiously. Vigorous and resilient MOBOTIX high-end video systems do not entail continuous maintenance or substitution. Smart video technology also helps decrease the pressure on staff. Security guards no longer require to patrol specific roads or walk around the perimeter of property, and processes can be automated.

Intelligent video technology also helps reduce the pressure on staff. Security guards no longer need to patrol certain routes or walk around the perimeter of the property, and processes can be automated. MOBOTIX cameras with intelligent apps can estimate crowd sizes. This avoids overcrowding and queuing, allowing authorities to provide a better public-facing service to citizens, for example. Not least, access to sensitive or non-public areas can be reliably controlled.

Bergen County Courthouse and Jail, USA

City of Ghent, Belgium

Jefferson Bank, USA

Kingston-Frontenac Library, Canada


Hospital patients and nursing homes residents need relaxation and recuperation. Giving tools to employees that look after them, to be able to monitor assiduously and act accordingly without needless interference or disruption increases their capability to perform.

Digital care of patients and residents can be made available through Mobotix video technology. With adequate video support, monitoring can be carried out digitally, saving time and improving the standard of care for a more personal touch. Using MOBOTIX video technology, selected areas can be monitored without employees having to be always on-site. For example, falls or "Wrong Movement" such as falling out of bed, lost in the wrong area can be detected. Effective call systems and the avoidance of false alarms allow staff to not only improve their response times but also give a more discreet protection over their charges.

AVIS Blood Donation Center, Milan

Centro Medico Vicenza

Savelberg, Gouda

Vidant Beaufort Hospital, Washington (N.C.)

Energy & Utilities

Whether machine or human: It is important to constantly avert mistakes. The outcomes can swiftly become lethal in the "energy, utilities and mining industry". Smart MOBOTIX video systems instantaneously trigger an alarm if someone who is handling dangerous substances falls. Despite the extreme conditions, the video systems are low maintenance. This saves significant operating costs.

Intelligent MOBOTIX video systems help you to monitor internal security processes effectively. In addition, areas that are invisible or too dangerous for humans can be monitored – such as zones with very high temperatures or the inside of piping systems.

Ampelmann, Delft, Netherlands

Laki Power, Iceland

ZAK – Zentrale Abfallwirtschaft Kaiserslautern, Germany

Wood-Fired Power Station Lohbrügge, Germany