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IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer

Automatic Color and Image Control

Our new IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer takes color consistency and registration accuracy to the next level. With highly automated image registration and color control, a closed-loop system that constantly monitors and adjusts printed output, and automated color calibration and profiling, IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer delivers streamlined operator time, reduced print waste, and industry-leading productivity! This is currently available on our AccurioPress C3070/C3070P/C3080/C6100/C6085/C73hc/C83hc, AccurioPress 6136/6136P/6120 ,Accuriopress C14000/C12000 models.

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Substantial reduction in adjustment time. Does not require special skills.

This function minimises adjustment time and also eliminates human errors for reading and input. Quality problems previously encountered due to errors in measurment or input are avoided, realising high quality print products even in skill-less environments.

One of the function of Automatically adjust is front-to-back registration.

It is necessary to perform it prior to output of jobs where faithful colour reproduction is essential or when the printer profile is changed. The results of measurements of colour differences between the printed colour and the reference colour are reported.

  • Skill-less adjustment with high precision
  • Eliminate the burden for operations who manage colour Quality Control of the engine.

Colour and registration are automatically adjusted to the correct values during production printing.

  • Maintain high stability and quality from the begining to end of production.

Real time corrections for consistent quality.

  • The quality of every sheet is mentioned by printed colour gradation patches and registration masks on the outside of print product on each sheet
  • Real time monitoring and correction
  • Possible to stop printing if print position and colour quality is outside expected results.

Centralised colour management for all machines in a location.

  • The same colour for multiple machines
  • The same colour for multiple locations
  • The same colour for printing devicesin affiliates

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