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AccurioShine 3600

Digital Spot UV Coating

RETHINK 3D Effects with Digital Spot UV Coating.

The AccurioShine 3600 is a ground-breaking technology for adding 2D and 3D gloss effects at a reasonable cost without the complicated steps of conventional systems. Fully digital, featuring industry-leading artificial intelligence registration technology and eco-friendly LED curing system, all at an impressively compact size. The AccurioShine 3600 allows you to offer your customers a full range of high-impact finishing effects, while raising profit margins.

Key features


Varnishes digital and offset prints


High productivity


AIS SmartScanner feature


Beautiful 3D embossed effects, creating premium image and luxurious tactile finish

Product Overview

Customers today are always looking for more from your business more value, creativity, and performance from their print jobs. The AccurioShine 3600 allows you to transform standard print jobs into engaging print products that deliver exactly what your customers are looking for – at a price that’s cost effective for your business. You will be able to easily spot coat digital prints, highlight specific areas or add 3D effects – all resulting in powerful printed communications that are more vivid and tactile.

From the global market leader and pioneer of digital embellishment technologies, the AccurioShine 3600 makes it simple for companies of any size to offer 2D spot UV and textured 3D varnish special effects – enhancements that will change your business offerings as much as its changing print itself.

Product Features

  • AccurioShine 3600 provides cost-effective access to wide range JETvarnish 3D digital embellishment technologies, which feature both sheet and roll-fed solutions for every business model.
  • Special substrate management processes allow these eye-catching, tactile sensory print treatments to be produced on substrate stocks from 135 to 450gsm and on a wide range of printed materials, from offset and digital inks to lamination films and aqueous coatings.
  • One single varnish formula allows both flat 2D Spot UV and tactile 3D special effects on a wide range of substrate stocks and media such as paper, plastic and carton.
  • The AccurioShine 3600 makes it simple and easy for everyone, to enter the flat and tactile Spot UV varnish market with the established market leader and industry standard for digital print enhancement.
  • The AccurioShine 3600 creates opportunities for enhanced brand identity, more powerful printed communications, and highly profitable digital special effects on all printing applications, such as booklets, brochures, business cards, mail pieces, book & magazine covers, sheet-fed labels, small folding cartons and more!
  • The AccurioShine 3600 One provides a simple touch-screen operator software suite and an intelligent & adaptive automatic registration system called the AIS SmartScanner. The result is a “Scan & Go”. Edit a job setup with instantly optimized registration on every piece and with minimal waste.

The Reasons Are Clear

Customisation and personal station are increasingly in demand. Offering 2D or 3D effects can Make print jobs more profitable. Research shows that many print customers are willing to pay a Premium of up to 89% to add digital print enhancements.*1 Tactile sensation increases impulse Purchases*2 while specialty packaging has more than 46% higher quality perception.*3

*1 Infotrends, 2016

*2 Journal of Consumer Research, 2009

*3 The Foil & Specialty Effects Association, 2017


Add Shine To Your Business

Save money and space while adding a host of value-added options to offer your customers.


Compact Size, Infinite Possibilities

In-house, full-production and prototype-finishing spot UV vanishing without the need for screens, plates or dies. The AccurioShine 3600 is fully equipped to allow you to provide a broader range of finishes at an impressively small footprint.


2D & 3D Gloss Effects

Using a single varnish formula, the AccurioShine 3600 digitally produces a variety of effects on a wide range of substrate stocks and media. Create both 2D and 3D finishes on paper, plastics, synthetics and cartons from 135 to 450 gsm. Add coatings to printed materials including offset and digital inks, lamination films and aqueous coatings.

Scan And Go

Use the workstation touchscreen to manage jobs using the intuitive software suite and Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner®. The intelligent and flexible automatic registration system allows you to easily create print files with perfect front-to-back registration on every sheet with minimal waste.

Add Impact to Every Print job

Shorter lead times and a simple job set-up make it simple to add highly profitable special effects to any print job. Optional additions including the Corona Treatment System (CTS) and Automatic PDF File Converter open the door to even more possibilities.


Gentle On The Environment

The AccurioShine 3600 features a closed/circuit system, leaves no ink or varnish residue, and is designed to prevent any cleaning or material waste between jobs, helping you to reduce paper, varnish and electrical consumption.

Easy Does It


No plates or screens. No cleaning between jobs. With the AccurioShine 3600, all you need is a digital mask to add varnish of varying thicknesses straight on top of toner or offset prints. The Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner® reduces operator setup time by more than 80% and keeps jobs running smoothly thanks to automated correction during runs.

Use the intuitive software suite and touchscreen interface to manage jobs and maintenance with ease. With the job cost calculator you can evaluate images, and forecast varnish consumption and costs before production starts. Edit job files directly at the workstation using the spot varnish editor, an easy-to-use graphical tool that enables operators to modify jobs without going back to prepress. Reduce preparation times down to just a few minutes and start jobs with confidence knowing that every sheet will look spectacular.

  • Take on more lucrative short and medium print runs.
  • Prepare print runs faster.
  • Eliminate plates, screens and dies.
  • Produce more complex jobs.
  • Apply on top of a wide range of substrates, toner and offset prints.
  • Job cost calculator.
  • Workstation spot varnish editor.

Artificial Intelligence Smartscanner® (AIS)

The industry leading AIS is changing the way digital printing and finishing works. The system uses artificial intelligence to create an automatic varnish registration over the pre-printed sheet, reducing setup time by more than 80% and minimising make-ready waste. Without operator intervention, the AIS makes corrections and adjustments for any defects generated in the original offset or digital print process, including sheet and image skew, shift, stretch or contraction.


Go the extra mile

Boost Your Output these optional Additions

Corona Treatment System

Increase the variety of media your AccurioShine 3600 can use and improve varnish adhesion. The Corona Treatment System (CTS) uses an electric charge to add micro-pitting to surfaces to prepare them for coating. Micro-pitting can increase wettability and adhesion, making ¡t possible to add varnish on top of a wider variety of substrates. Inserted after the paper feeder module, the CTS also contains an optional ozone cabinet, keeping your workplace clean by eliminating the need for ozone ducts. Depending on media and factors such as temperature and humidity, the CTS may not improve adhesion.

Variable Data Printing Barcode Scanner

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is ideal for printing product labels, tickets or packages with small differences such as product names or barcodes. With the barcode scanner, you can make job changes as simple as scanning a barcode. The AccurioShine 3600’s barcode scanner reads barcodes from a pre-printed sheet and instantly selects the corresponding TIFF file already stored on the workstation. Combine the VDP barcode scanner with the Automatic PDF File Converter for a truly seamless workflow which takes files from PDF to the output tray in minutes.

Automatic Pdf File Converter

A separate PC that works as part of your network to automatically translate PDF data into the TIFF files required by the AccurioShine 3600. Once integrated, the Automatic PDF File Converter works to quickly move jobs forward, reducing the manual steps in starting a new print job.

Artificial Intelligence Smartscanner® (Ais) Lighting
For Metallized Substrates

Add this option to enable the AccurioShine 3600 to register foil and metallic surfaces accurately. Although the AIS is equipped as standard with highly effective lighting for the vast majority of preprinted media, some substrates with metallic properties require specialised lighting to reduce glare.

Endless Applications

Digital spot UV coating adds that extra dimension to any project, helping your customers stand out from the crowd. Create tactile and visual effects on typography and images, or add 2D and 3D gloss elements to your designs.


Books, Book Covers, Magazines, Brochures

Offer on-demand printing and embellishment that reduces storage costs for your customers.


Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Exclusive Invitations

Create unique business or greeting cards on a range of substrates in small, medium or large quantities.


Packaging, Cartons

Produce eye-catching packaging options on-demand, with capacity for versioning and personalisation in small and medium quantities.


Direct Mail, Postcards

Help your customers to differentiate themselves with highly customised mail items that will outshine any email.


Other Applications

  • Personalised calendars
  • VIP tickets
  • Point-of-purchase and promotional materials
  • Sheet-fed labels
  • Menus

Printing Technology
  • Konica Minolta’s exclusive inkjet engine technology
  • Drop-on-Demand (DoD) technology
  • Piezoelectric printheads, developed and manufactured by Konica Minolta.
  • Single-pass printing.
  • Flexible printing architecture.
Coating thickness

Depending on your file, the inks used and the type of surface of your sheet, the coating thickness can vary

  • Laminated and aqueous coating: 21 μm – 116 μm for 3D-raised effects and tactile finish
  • Toner and coated paper: 30 μm – 116 μm for 3D-raised effects and a tactile finish
  • Lowest possible thickness using dithering mode: 7 μm (substrate permitting).
Production speed
  • 2D/flat mode: Up to 2,077 A3 sheets per hour (with 21 μm)
  • 3D/raised mode: Up to 1,260 A3 sheets per hour (with 51 μm)
  • Up to 547 A3 sheets per hour (with 116 μ)

Uses the Artificial Intelligence SmartScanner® for full real-time automated sheet-to-sheet registration process; no crop marks required, registration accuracy to ± 200 μm.

  • Min.: 135 g/m2 and not less than 150 μm before printing and lamination
  • Max.: 450 g/m2 and not more than 450 μm before printing and lamination
  • Motorized height-adjustment printheads
Substrate thickness

Maximum roll diameter capacity: 850 mm; Standard inside core diameter: 3 inches; Maximum roll weight: ±120 kg.

  • Printing on most matte or glossy laminated surfaces, with or without aqueous coating, layered paper, plastic, PVC and other coated materials
  • Printing directly on most digital prints with no lamination or coating required
Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • 4.02 x 1.20 x 1.80 m (13.19’ x 3.94’ x 5.91’)
  • Necessary clearance: 1 m (3.3’) on all 4 sides

1,068 kg (2,355 lb)