Konica Minolta Rolls Out High Performance Accurio Press Series for Industrial Printing Businesses

Konica Minolta Rolls Out High Performance Accurio Press Series for Industrial Printing Businesses

The models in the series are tailored to set new standards in the industry, incorporating state of the art technology for high volume, varied printing requirements

Konica Minolta, a leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies has unveiled the new Accurio Press series which sets new standards for superior value combining digital print quality that rivals offset prints with advanced workflow and color management. It also helps increase the customer profitability by creating smooth and streamlined workflows to expand the print services.

According to MGI, the French company has simplified the production decoration process for manufacturers, printers and converters. The JETvarnish 3D solution increases the speed and ability of consumer and commercial firms to bring new products to market at a lower cost. According to the company the workstation software offers rapid prototyping for new product launches and full high-volume production management.

The series has dramatically improve every aspect of the printing experience, reaching a new level of innovation and precision to make this the best machine for the customers. The Accurio series comprises of C2070, C2070P, C2060 and Accurio Print C2060L models and replaces the bizhub PRESS C1070, C1070P, C1060 and bizhub PRO C1060L for high-end printing devices. Accurio Press combines the quality and performance of previous models with additional features to adapt to customer requirements and also helps in optimizing the processes and workflows in order to streamline customer print production.

Inspired from the word “accurate,” Accurio demonstrates advanced, automated as well as accurate image of the company.The company’s new Accurio series is armed with industry leading technology and offers a blend of cost efficiency and high quality print outputs to help businesses maximise their profits. The series also comes packed with a host of modular tools including software and cloud based tools for integration, digital press suites, managing workflow etc.

Salient features of the Accurio Press Series Include:

  • Excellent colour reproduction meeting standards such as G7 and Gracol.
  • Furnishes banner prints suitable for book jackets, tri-fold brochures, posters and more at an amazing speed.
  • Fetches completely finished perfect bound books.
  • Quick envelope printing with a host of layouts.

“Our new Accurio Press Series is a complete modular line-up of industrial digital printing solutions to help printing businesses achieves unprecedented efficiency and productivity, reduce labour related expenses and tap new unexplored markets. We will continue to expand our series with new models to strengthen our commitment of offering world class printing solutions to businesses,” said Daisuke Mori, MD Konica Minolta India.

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