SECURITY NEWS: To use MFP and Printer secure in network environment

SECURITY NEWS: To use MFP and Printer secure in network environment

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products.Konica Minolta received a question from few customers on vulnerability concern on MFP and Printer connected to the internet. We would like to inform the way to securely use MFP / Printer in network.

Konica Minolta MFPs should be used within a protected network environment such as Firewall, and also used with the standard security settings. By using these functions, one will not encounter a data breach or unauthorized use.

Konica Minolta has established a system to answer security issues for customers and visit them to ensure that they recognize the importance of security. The most important thing for us is to provide safe and secured products to our customers. We continue to provide up-to-date safety information.

Please re-check your security settings once again to secure your data. If you require any assistance regarding security settings etc. please contact our sales representatives or customer service centre.

Recommended operation:

1. Protect your networks with firewalls in order to block unauthorized access from external networks.

2. Update passwords regularly such as administrator password, user authentication password, and password to access SMB folders.

3. Enable “IP address filtering” setting in Admin mode in order to restrict access from an unspecified location on the capable MFP models.

4. Take other possible operations at customer sites to make secure environments.