Why should documents be digitised at the start of workflow?

Businesses are constantly evolving to keep pace with new technological advancements. However, if you are smothered by documents, that you are unable to manage, then chances are your paperwork is still stuck in the past.

The advent of technology and the digital media has brought in innumerable advantages for organisations. The world has realised the importance of digitisation and almost every organisation is embracing and reaping its benefits. Gone are those days when truckloads of papers and files used to occupy space and consume a chunk of time in daily operations. Today, storing and tracking paperwork is extremely quick and simple. It’s the rapid usage of the internet using smart devices that has made this possible.

However, there are many companies that still rely on filing cabinets and extensive paperwork that take up precious space and slow down processes. Paper heavy processes also involve desk-to-desk paper-pushing which invariably causes bottlenecks and delays. No doubt, paper-heavy departments such as Legal, Finance or HR may never go completely paperless, but they can digitise a lot of day-to-day documentation and vital contracts to ensure compliance.

So why bother about digitising at all?

If you are looking at speeding up processes, enhancing collaboration between teams and tightening security then transforming your paper workflows by thinking ‘biz out of the box’ is a practical and cost-effective step. Going the digital route speeds up processes, as multiple stakeholders can work on the latest version of the same document and always find what they need in a few clicks. Furthermore, it lowers costs and gives you complete control over rights and accessibility.

Digitisation is much more than just a trend!

Digitisation may sound like a trend but the fact remains, by digitising paper workflows, organisations only stand to benefit. With our smart Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions such as e-BizVAULT (on-cloud) and FingerTips (on-premise), you can be assured of best-in-class security and backup along with gleaning insights (via dashboards) that will give you an overview of performance – helping you plug in gaps that arise.

Our Solutions

ECM is an organisational process methodology designed for end-to-end content management and e-BizVAULT is the perfect offering for organisations eying a scalable and secure content management solution over the cloud to fetch more agility and operational efficiency. Organisations with multiple branches can leverage e-BizVAULT for smooth and seamless business operations across scattered offices.

FingerTips is an on-premise/VPS (AWS, Azure, etc.) ECM that enables capture of documents through multiple channels, managing documents in a centralised repository. “It allows creation of document centric workflows, while improving overall process SLAs.” With rich features and intuitive UI, it also seamlessly integrates with Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs.