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Konica Minolta launches Dispatcher Paragon

Konica Minolta launches Dispatcher Paragon

India, 29 December,2023: Konica Minolta is enhancing its range of office applications by introducing Dispatcher Paragon, a cutting-edge and comprehensive solution that allows for centralised print administration. This innovative software not only offers user and cost management capabilities but also ensures the highest level of safety. Dispatcher Paragon is a private cloud software solution that is ideal for businesses seeking to optimise productivity and efficiency in their print infrastructure. Its modular design enables it to cater to the requirements of companies of all sizes and industries, ranging from small pri

With the Dispatcher Paragon print management solution, customers gain the ability to centrally manage their entire print infrastructure, resulting in cost reduction. What sets this solution apart is its unique and user-friendly web 2.0 administration interface, which can be customised to meet specific needs. This interface greatly simplifies the daily tasks of IT Administrators. Additionally, the centrally installed office solution allows users to release print jobs from any device, anywhere in the world, within the network. All print data is collected and accounted for centrally, ensuring efficient tracking. Furthermore, the solution supports mobile printing, enabling users to submit print jobs conveniently while on the go.

The new print management solution offers a range of advantages, including maximum efficiency, time savings, and increased productivity. To prioritise security, this solution strictly limits access to authorised users for tasks such as printing, copying, and scanning. Additionally, it allows for the assignment of specific rights to individual users based on their needs or job roles. By doing so, Dispatcher Paragon effectively prevents security breaches and ensures comprehensive protection of sensitive data and information at all times.

To effectively manage costs, it is crucial to closely monitor all print, copy, and scan operations within an organisation. Dispatcher Paragon offers the perfect solution for this, along with a wide range of detailed reports that assist in optimising the print environment. For environmentally-conscious companies, there are specific green reports available. These reports showcase how Dispatcher Paragon contributes to reducing paper waste, toner usage, and energy consumption. They also quantify the natural resources saved, highlighting the positive impact on the environment. Additionally, for institutions that require print services to be charged, Dispatcher Paragon provides a comprehensive payment system. This system includes online and offline options, as well as automatic recharging of user accounts, ensuring enhanced convenience for customers.

Katsuhisa Asari, managing director, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, said, “Dispatcher Paragon is a highly adaptable and scalable print management solution that offers intuitive functionality. Its extensive range of features caters to various enterprise requirements, including print security, centralised print management, user access rights, comprehensive reporting, and even charge-back or project billing for specific users or departments. The modular and feature-based licensing structure makes it an ideal choice for customers seeking an advanced print management solution that can be tailored to their specific needs.”