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Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Private Limited is a Gurgaon, Haryana based company and a subsidiary of the Konica Minolta Business Technologies Inc., Japan – a core company of the Konica Minolta Group and being pioneers of different technologies in existence, we are make our products available in the market under the brand name, bizhub PRESS.

The latest technological advancements and the unfinished demands in picture clarity of the printed materials are increasing at a great pace. To match with demands of the existing market and expectations of the clients, we the Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Private Limited have tried to come up with several developments in the industry, and today we are serving clients with products and services of advanced imaging and networking technologies.

Being the world leader in print technology industry, the company is acknowledged in the market for pioneering several technologies and for the environment friendly approach that it implies in its works. As leaders in the industry, we offer solutions for advanced imaging and networking technologies including bizhub PRO production printing solutions, bizhub multifunction products and monochrome machines to satisfy the needs of business printing markets and offices of all types.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is also engaged in offering office equipment, centering on monochrome/color multi-function Printers and Production Printers to the clients involved in production and print works in the markets of India. We are among the leaders in U.S. and European markets for office MFPs (multifunctional products).

Our clients can avail from us a wide gamut of solutions related to multifunctional digital imaging, which can be used as a central resource for document scanning, copying and in-house printing. To improve the business processes following the needs of businesses, the Konica Minolta Group is engaged in providing desktop laser printers and software solutions. We also provide services of networking and imaging by bringing together high quality printing, as well as network integration process. We are also expert in offering client support via authorized dealers and distributors across India.

The key features of Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. are:

numberingNew office equipment Design Proposing new easy-to-use design that fit in with office interiors

Business SolutionsKonica Minolta works on the principle of creating universal design to make sure that the comfort level of everyone is completely met. The operating panels are designed in a way that allows us to change the angles as well as fine switches. Products offered by us can be distinguished easily because of an exceptional layout. The black and white body with innovative chassis design, the products offered goes well with the interiors of the office. Everything at our place is developed after conducting a thorough research.

numberingHigh-image-quality digital printing

Business ProductsHigh-chroma toner achieves bright color reproduction near RGB color space
To meet the growing demands of superior quality and high speed printing of office documents as well commercial works, Konica Minolta has designed and developed Simitri Toner. The toner uses emulsion polymerization method for controlling the structure of the toner at granulation phase. This was the technology initiated by Konica Minolta and its development brought a revolution in the print market as it enabled sharp reproduction of drawings and texts with consistent shapes.
The technology allows it to work at low temperature and hence extends better control over shrinking, paper curling and expansion. Our printers provide outstanding color reproduction. Konica Minolta redesigned the granular structure of toner color materials and developing high-chroma toner and this helps in the extension of the color reproduction range.

numbering Network Information sharing and Application.

Business EquipmentTo make the business communication much more effective, we the Konica Minolta are engaged in offering a wide range of business oriented solutions and it includes batch scanning of documents and then sending of the data to the servers or the e-mail addresses. For better and easy sorting if the documents a box-feature is also provided in form of solution from Konica Minolta.


numberingVersatile finishing functions capable of book binding.

Konica Business ProductsKonica Minolta also offers facilities of binding of the printed sheets that includes six styles of paper-fold functions which includes page arrangement to saddle-stitched or glued book binding, on specific demand from the client.



numberingReliable support for office information security.

Konica Business ProductsTo handle the situations of output and sending along with a fine tuned access to the stored information, Konica Minolta MFP offers a comprehensive security measure. The company is acknowledged in the market for its abilities of building and providing specifically tailored User Authentication System – that restricts or permits access at individual level, as per the demand of different offices and working area. The authentication system includes External Server Authentication, Contact IC Card Authentication and Biometric Authentication using Vascular Patterns in Figures.


numberingConserve energy, save resource, and ensure safety

ecoKonica Minolta is the first company of the domain that is certified with an Eco Logo – Canada’s Environmental Protection Label. Following the demands of customers for products which are safe for the environment, Konica Minolta in 2009 became the first organization to receive the Eco Logo for its newly established office equipment category. It is the first company to achieve the worldwide accreditation as MFP manufacturer and retailer.


Few more achievements of the company in terms of environment safety include:

  • The company acquired Blue Angel Mark – the German Environmental Protection Label in 1992 for manufacturing environmentally safe products. We were the first company to acquire this in the copier industry, worldwide and have been maintaining the requirements set to meet the standards since then.
  • The acoustic test laboratory of the company at the Mizuho Site in Japan is well equipped with world-class capabilities and the facilities of the laboratory to conduct acoustic measurements received certification of Blue Angel Mark in 2008. This allows us to conduct the data-analysis in-house, quickly and in an impartial manner.
  • For the excellent works done in the MFP and Production Printing Industry, Konica Minolta received the Good Design Award 2010 given by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.


Some of the technological USP’s of the company includes:

  • Simitri Toner with Biomass
  • S.E.A.D
  • Best
  • Seamless controller architecture which is also called Emperon
  • Universal GUI

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