Accounts Payable Solution

Accounts Payable

Konica Minolta Accounts Payable solution is designed for organisations struggling with document intensive accounts payable process. The solution automates the entire process, completely removing the need for physical transfer of paper-based invoices.

The solution saves a lot of time by automating time consuming data entry tasks. It also allows configuring of invoice approval workflow based on organisation rules. Accessing & visualising of invoice data and documents is easy and intuitive. Email notifications inform the stakeholders of their pending tasks, while ensuring that the process SLAs are always met. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with ERP for efficiency.

Business benefits for Accounts Payable

Speed up

Accounts payable process by optimising through workflow automation while removing intra and inter departmental movement of physical documents.

Reduce operational cost

By avoiding penalties due to delayed supplier payment and by freeing up resources for meaningful business tasks.

Better monitoring and control

By digitising the entire process and removing the dependency on paper.

Ensure compliance

Through audit trails, notifications and live visibility of processing of invoices.