Contract Management Solution

Contract Management

Konica Minolta Contract Management solution is a single digital storage place for all contractual documents. The solution optimizes Contract Management by digitising the paper documents and streamlining every step of the process.

The contract documents are much easier to work with, once they are uploaded and are available in the solution. It is very easy and fast to search any document while saving a lot of time for stakeholders. Contract documents can be edited, and multiple versions of documents can be maintained. Contract approvals can be done through configurable workflows.

Contracts are needed to be retained for different periods of time. With Konica Minolta Contract Management Solution, you will have an automated process that removes the burden of filing contracts, locating documents and tracking expirations while freeing staff to focus on high value tasks such as customer acquisition and generating new contracts.

Business benefits for Contract Management

Automated renewal notices

Get automated reminders established for expiring contracts that need your attention.

Enhanced security

Access of contract documents to stakeholders based on roles and privileges to prevent unauthorised access.

Simplified workflows

Automate document centric processes by creating workflows within the solution. Workflow rules can be configured to manage the process efficiently.

Single storage location

Store multiple format documents (jpg, pdf, doc, docx, xls, mp3, mp4, etc.) in a single repository (Cloud/in-premise)