HR Onboarding Solution

Human Resource

Konica Minolta Enterprise Content Management provides human resource solutions that streamline workflow, reduce IT demands, improve compliance and provide a higher level of service, all within a cost-effective system to manage current and prospective employees.

Human Resource department needs to solve the challenge of maintaining security protocols, while protecting sensitive employee files related to common HR needs including applications, evaluations, personal identification, financial paperwork, medical information, photos and signatures. When this information of your employees spans the entire lifecycle (recruitment to retirement), you need to capture this information in a secure environment.

Konica Minolta's Human Resources document management solution can provide a proactive approach to managing this information. Employee documents are digitized, secured and stored in a centralized repository. The solution utilizes technology and best practices for immediate & secured access for employees and staff with proper clearance. This provides great efficiencies within the department by providing consolidated personnel files and records in a single interface.

Business benefits for Human Resource

Centralized repository

Integrate all human resource records in a single location and access information through a single, common interface.

Improve payroll systems

Document capture enables storage and management of employee payroll and expense data in a digital format while improving payment turnaround times with fewer errors and inquiries.

Reduce paper

Reduce paper usage by storing documents in a digitised form.

Web-based access

Minimize unnecessary interactions and inquiries by providing online access to stakeholders.