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Enterprise Content Management can improve vital Government functionality and fiscal responsibility across all departments by managing documents in a digitised form while minimising cost of operations and improving efficiency.

Often within Government departments, staff and budget are stretched thin with complicated restrictions and regulations. When staff allocations are cut, Government departments can deliver faster results by converting paper documents to electronic files and automating the processes surrounding them.

Enterprise Content Management enables digital transformation by securely automating digital capture, processing and archiving of the core government documents; easily retrieving critical information and protecting individual privacy. Digitised documents are accessible through secure mobile/web-based interface, driving increased efficiency, reduced cost of paper, improved service and sustainability.

Business benefits for Government

Accelerate secure file sharing

Eliminate intra and inter departmental physical transfer of documents by enabling entities, like law enforcement agencies and courts, to share files digitally and securely.

Faster operations

Speed up internal processes by workflow automation.


Ensure compliance through audit trails, notifications and live visibility of processing.

Monitoring and control

Better monitoring and control by digitising the entire process and removing the dependency on paper.