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Envision the potential improvement in patient care and services if information was available to clinicians and staff at the touch of a button. Healthcare Enterprise Content Management solutions are designed to help organisations in healthcare industry access right information at the right time enabling informed and better patient service.

Health professionals are not usually excited about the regulations and paperwork that go together with patient care, but it is still a necessary part of the practice. Professionals can be more efficient and more compliant when they are able to move away from the mounds of paper that pile up. Often dealing with multiple locations, they also have concerns about their vulnerability to security breaches.

Konica Minolta ECM solution for healthcare helps facilities to operate with smoother workflows by storing electronic records of patients while saving time and resources. The solution delivers document management with security and single-source reliability.

Business benefits for Healthcare

Comprehensive patient records

Create complete patient records with clinical images, photos, videos and reports for an exceptional provider experience and superior patient care.

Integrate with existing systems

Integrate solution with your accounting system to improve information access; automate processes and eliminate compliance risk.

Real-time medicare process status

Process Medicare enrolments faster and accurately while maintaining compliance; track all documentation with up-to-the-minute process insight.

Secure electronic employee files

Decrease the effort and expense of storing and retrieving employee files and increase security & compliance while improving service levels.