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Logistics function deals with a lot of paper documentation related to purchase orders, invoices, vendor bills, tax-related documents, inventory records and compliance reports. These are real demands and need a perfect solution for management of these documents and instant retrieval of information.

The processes in the logistics industry become more complex as an organization’s operations grow. Between world-wide competitive pressure and the demand for greater customer and supplier collaboration, organisations address a growing list of operational efficiency and process innovation issues, making ECM solutions fundamental to continued success.

ECM transforms paper forms and documents to electronic content, while ensuring improvements in:

  • Customer service – with real-time access to invoices and other critical documents.
  • Fulfilment – as electronic document routing and retrieval processes reduce delivery time and eliminate errors.
  • Compliance – addressing Government regulations, as well as audits and supplier requirements.
  • Productivity – with streamlined processes for accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources and contract management.
  • Labour and paper supply costs – as automation eliminates repetitive steps and decreases print requirements.
  • Collaboration – providing authorized employees, partners and customers, access to content.

Get paperwork under control that can overtax your employees and drive inefficiency in your operations. Use Konica Minolta ECM solutions that offer automated processes with improved time, cost efficiency and faster distribution.

Business benefits for Logistics

Easier access to information

One-click access to purchase orders, delivery confirmations and invoices.

File sharing

Share contracts and other documents with the people inside and outside of organization while maintaining document versions.

Mobile access

Mobile access to data for the users on-the-go.

Enhanced security and compliance

Enhance security and automate record-keeping to meet compliance/audit requirements and record retention policies.