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Within manufacturing industry operations, an over-abundance of paperwork is often a tedious, but necessary part of the business. Invoices, purchase orders, compliance reports and other business-related documents could overwhelm even the most organized offices, but there is a better way with manufacturing Enterprise Content Management.

The solution gives a real-time view of centralized document repository and transitions manual & repetitive paper-oriented processes to automatic network-driven & rules-based workflows that can capture, classify, share and archive essential manufacturing operations data. In turn, the business can improve upon engineering operations, manufacturing time to market, enforceable quality and traceability of raw materials with greater ability to ensure regulatory compliance.

In addition, Enterprise Content Management solutions can help improve workflow and optimise time-consuming document centric processes while improving efficiency and minimizing errors. The solution decreases operational costs and improves customer/vendor relationships and payment deliveries.

Business benefits for Manufacturing

Electronic document routing

Automate processes with electronic document management providing instant access to information to the stakeholders.

Improved business efficiency

Streamline engineering, new product development, plant and facility management by handling information quickly and efficiently.

Searchable centralized documentation

Reduce back-office costs associated with accounts payable and human resources by eliminating paper, creating e-forms and centralizing documents in a searchable repository.

Improved regulatory compliance

Simplify management of OSHA, ISO, quality and compliance programs.