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Streamlined document workflow from the desktop

Most business users of multifunctional output devices look to streamlining their document-based processes to improve their own productivity, increase efficiency and save costs.

They will appreciate the Unity Document Suite as the ideal desktop document management solution that provides all the scanning, organising, search and archiving features they need to manage their desktop more efficiently.

How Unity Document Suite can work for you

Here are a few solutions on how Unity Document Suite can benefits your business.

Healthcare Industry

Solutions to reduce costs, improve patient care, comply with regulatory laws, and increase operational efficiency.

Housing industry

Solutions to offer and maintain safe, affordable housing while being responsive to ongoing tenant needs.

Insurance industry

Solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Legal offices

Solutions to improve client service, increase staff productivity, and reduce costs for bottom-line results.

Efficiency and flexibility for daily office work

  • Convert paper and PDFs into editable, searchable documents
  • Collaborate effectively and securely
  • Create industry-standard PDF files
  • Flexible personal scanning workflows