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Konica Minolta offers rich document centric solutions to improve business efficiency, employee productivity and effectively manage your workplace. Our goal is to provide greater satisfaction and reassurance at all times for the success of your business.

    Solution Software

  • Dispatcher Phoenix

    Automate data extraction and document distribution in your organisation.

  • e-bizVAULT Cloud DMS

    e-bizVAULT Cloud DMS is a revolutionary product that is built for the web.


3 Digital Trends that will shape the future of business

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Technology, the bedrock of the modern era, has forever been changing, inventing, and reinventing itself each day to make human lives better and simplified.Modern technology has paved  Read More >

What does digital transformation mean for organisations?

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    Providing Services

  • Optimised Print Services

    OPS combines consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management to lower document spending.

  • CS Remote Care Global Services

    CS Remote Care provides automated monitoring of your Konica Minolta devices for stable operations at all times.


Assuring intellectual assets and preventing leak

  • IC cards and biometric authentication
  • Viewing and printing restrictions
  • Prevent unauthorized online access and use
  • Protect unauthorized falsification and document replication
  • Control access to MFPs by ID card
Minimise TCO

  • Account system to control departmental output costs
  • Reduce colour output costs by thorough management
  • Authentication to limit printout loads by individual/group
  • Maximise internet FAX to reduce communication costs
  • Reduce unnecessary output of FAX documents
Information sharing for smoother communications

  • Improve business efficiency with information sharing
  • Consolidate scanned and digital documents
  • Manage and share documents by selected criteria
  • Convert data into PDFs from any application
  • Enhance retrieval performance of scanned documents
Maximise business efficiencies

  • Eliminate print waiting times with smart MFP access
  • Maximise efficiencies through minimum resources
  • Direct printing from Web pages and PDFs
  • Account management for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity
  • Digitisation of FAX documents
Way to expand business opportunities

  • Print and save images using an iPhone or iPad
  • Print and save files using a mobile device
  • View and print web content via control panel
  • Customised settings for operation panel
Saving energy and resources via green products

  • Switch from multiple devices to a single, power-saving MFP to reduce energy costs
  • Reduce electricity consumption by power saving devices

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Fast startup and output.

*1 WUT(Warm-up Time) :
The time between when the power switch is turned on and when copy operation can start.

*2 FCOT(First Copy Out Time) :
The time between when the Start button is pressed and the end of output of the first copy page.

A five-line graphical display for more clearer indications and simple guidance is available on the LCD screen.
This result in less time spent on searching information in the product manual.


Variety of duplex copy methods to fulfill different purposes.

- 1-sided ➞ 2-sided*1 :
Automatic double-sided copying.
- 2-sided ➞ 1-sided*2 :
A double-sided document can be copied into 2 pages with 1-sided each.
- 2-sided ➞ 2-sided*3 :
Automatically copy double-sided document to one sheet of paper.
*1 Optional Auto Duplex Unit AD-509 is required.
*2 Optional Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625 is required.
*3 Optional Auto Duplex Unit AD-509 and Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625 are required.

Output from a Linux environment is also available.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) ×86
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) AMD64/Intel64
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) ×86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) AMD64/ Intel64

Multi-page documents can be printed on one sheet. 2-in-1 prints 2 pages on 1 sheet, and 4-in-1 prints 4 pages on 1 sheet.

One touch ID Copy button allows you to copy the front and back side of any small documents such as Passport, Employee-id, Driving licence into one sheet of paper.
The readable range is up to A5 size.


The scanned files can be saved directly to USB memory, or sent to different destination such as E-mail*1, SMB*1 or FTP*1. The supported scan formats are TIFF, PDF and JPEG.
*1 Optional Network Interface Card NC-504 or PCL controller with NIC IC-209 and Option Panel MK-749 are required.


Both sided documents can be scanned automatically at once with optional RADF(Reverse Automatic Document Feeder DF-625).

Scan performance (1-sided per minute)

* When equipped with the Reverse Automatic Document feeder DF-625.
With the Konica Minolta's own Toner Loop Mechanism technology, there will be no more waste toner.

Different types of Watermarks can be added on the documents based on the purpose or importance level of documents.

The MFP can be set to request a 3-digit account number to use the Copy feature. To restrict users who are not authorized to use the MFP. Also, numbers of copies made under each account can be tracked.

The MFP will not perform any outputs until user enters the same password as it has been set in the printer driver. To prevent highly confidentiality documents being left on the MFP or taken by unauthorized user.