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Simitri HD and Simitri toners with biomass reduce the impact on the environment.

From early on, Konica Minolta has been focusing on an environmentally conscious polymerised toner through the research and development of emulsion polymerised technology. And in year 2000, production of the Simitri toner began, followed by the more advanced Simitri HD toner in year 2006 (first available for the bizhub PRO 6500) which allowed fusing at lower temperatures while offering higher image quality.



Simitri and Simitri HD toners reduce the impact on the environment from a carbon neutral viewpoint by lowering energy consumption during production/ use and reduced CO2 emissions during disposal through the use of plant-based resources.

Konica Minolta has been using plant-based resources for Simitri and Simitri HD toners since year 2000.

Simitri and Simitri HD toners have been environment conscious toners, since the start of production in year 2000, as approximately 9% of their resources are plant-based. Furthermore, all four colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – have used plant-based resources from the introduction of Simitri colour toners in year 2002.

Know the benefits of using a genuine toner

  • Excellent performance
  • Exceptional quality
  • Better service
  • Energy consumption

Simitri HD toner’s outstanding low-temperature fusing reduces power consumption during machine use.

Simitri HD toner requires less toner consumption compared to previous pulverised toners. Moreover, through an upgraded polymerisation technology that makes toner particles softer inside, it can be fused at temperatures 20° lower than the Simitri toner. Such benefits allow machines to operate more effectively, reducing power consumption while enhancing productivity at the same time.

Konica Minolta uses plant-based resources to reduce CO2 from a carbon neutral viewpoint.

When copy paper is recycled, the toner is separated and then burned. When it is not recycled, the paper and toner are burned together. Either way, the toner emits CO2 during burning. However, as plant-based resources absorb CO2 through photosynthesis before they become raw materials, the amount of CO2 absorbed will equal the amount emitted, so the Earth’s CO2 will not increase and remain neutral. This is called Carbon Neutrality. CO2 emitted when burning petroleum resources cannot be absorbed. Therefore, replacing some of the petroleum with plant-based resources will help reduce CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the production methods of the toners have helped reduce harmful emissions by over 1/3.

Simitri HD and Simitri toners are produced with a polymerisation process that uses less energy during production compared to toners produced by conventional pulverisation methods, thereby reducing harmful emissions such as CO2, NOx and SOx – the main causes of global warming and acid rain – by over 1/3.

Konica Minolta is the industry leader in producing polymerised toners which reduce the impact on the environment.

Konica Minolta, which has quickly shifted from the previous pulverised to the more environmentally conscious Simitri HD and Simitri toners, is now the industry leader*1 in producing polymerised toners.

*1 Source: The estimated toner production for 2009 from the *2009 Toner Market Directory* by Data Supply Inc.

Blue Angel Mark

Konica Minolta was the first copier manufacturer to receive Blue Angel certification back in January 1992, and has continued to receive the certification for all new products by meeting/exceeding the increasingly stringent standards set by the granting authority.

The Blue Angel Mark is the world’s first environmental labelling system to certify products and services that have an environmental impact and it was launched in Germany back in 1978.

International Energy Star Program

Konica Minolta’s MFPs & laser printers meet/exceed Energy Start standards.