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robust MOBOTIX camera

MOBOTIX hardware and software


To ensure long-term reliable operation, it is essential that crucial structures are explicitly protected and controlled. Unauthorized persons must not be permitted to enter locations. And lastly, your property and equipment need to be protected against fire. Intelligent pre-emptive measures with modern MOBOTIX hardware and software will protect you against unlawful access, structural destruction, and the resultant costs. Central and crucial infrastructures must be explicitly secured. No interlopers may enter the premises, whether real or digital. Security and cybersecurity are essential. Access to extremely vulnerable areas is reserved for certain persons. This must be controlled without exception.

Industry Solutions


Smart video technology protects your company and enhances processes. With more than 20 years of experience, we know unique needs and environment of the manufacturing industry in detail. The customized solutions based on MOBOTIX video technology not only provide thorough security, but also facilitate great savings and profit potential.

To ensure long-term reliable operation, it is vital that important structures are specially secured and monitored. Unauthorized persons must not be allowed to enter your premises. There are also sensitive areas that only specific people are permitted to access. And last but not least, your property and equipment need to be protected against fire. Intelligent preventive measures with modern MOBOTIX hardware and software will protect you against unauthorized access, fundamental damage, and the resulting costs

Kuhn Rikon, Switzerland

Le Marchesine, Italy

Wood-Fired Fire Station, Lohbruegge, Germany

Mivor Fruit Cooperative, Italy


More than ever, operators of public and private transportation services and commercial transport vehicles must take action against sabotage, burglary and carnage being perpetrated within and against their vehicles. Modern commercial locations such as warehouses require strict security policies – and optimised logistics processes – if damage or loss to the goods, systems and data circulating there is to be prevented.

The robust MOBOTIX camera surveillance system has been designed to be ready for IoT (Internet of Things) process automation. Thanks to its use of encrypted communication, the MOBOTIX logistics system is cyber-secured, offers unbeatable surveillance capacity, and features state-of-the-art security and monitoring functionalities you and your company will really appreciate.

The system is also equipped with Hemispheric Technology to ensure it achieves maximum coverage using the minimum number of cameras.

Il Caravaggio International Airport, Italy

Interislander Ferry, New Zealand

Iowa 80 Group, USA

Montebello, Los Angeles, USA


Recent studies have shown that nearly €4 billion is lost because of annual inventory differences in the retail sector in Germany alone, meaning irregularities such as burglary, cheating and exploitation by customers, employees, and suppliers. The use of intelligent video security is becoming more important for retailers in preventive and security measures.

If you don’t trust your current surveillance set-up or would like to invest in a superior solution, Konica Minolta Mobotix can help you enjoy security and peace of mind when you close your shop each evening. Proprietary 360° hemispheric IP camera technology has the functionality to cover all your premises, while hemispheric processing offers enhanced video quality and resolution, ensuring you can spot those (often all-important) extra details.

AH Elzinga, The Netherlands

Bricoking, Spain

Casino and Gaming Room, Rome, Italy

Baggio Jewelry, Italy


Public Safety Is A shared Asset That Is Worth Protecting. Public infrastructures are the lifeline of our social coexistence. As valuable shared assets, these structures must therefore be reliably protected on a long-term basis. And it’s just as vital to alleviate the burden on state officials. Smart video technology guarantees effective workflows and preserves resources in this area.

Intelligent video technology ensures efficient workflows and conserves resources in this area. MOBOTIX is ready to tackle these challenges. With robust high-end camera technology and highly efficient AI-based apps that are tailored to the demands faced out in the real world. That increase the level of security and are also cyber-secure, because potential troublemakers and intruders are nothing new, even in a digital sense. We’re here for you

Bergen County Courthouse and Jail, USA

City of Ghent, Belgium

Jefferson Bank, USA

Kingston-Frontenac Library, Canada


MOBOTIX can be used to efficiently monitor everything from critical facilities such as laboratories, emergency rooms, psychiatric departments and other restricted areas to simple entrance, lobby, visitor, and parking spaces. Information from biomedical sensors & devices can also be captured and presented in real time to notify care providers.

As locations, healthcare facilities such as hospitals and general practitioners’ surgeries pose significant challenges for security managers. They often feature a wide variety of different activities – including lifesaving treatments – needing to be performed quickly, whilst ensuring patients, staff, and property are protected at all times. Mobotix Intelligent video security solutions mean better security for your employees, premises and the surrounding areas.

AVIS Blood Donation Center, Milan

Centro Medico Vicenza 1

Savelberg, Gouda

Vidant Beaufort Hospital, Washington (N.C.)


Competent young talent will shape the future of our society. Making sure that educational institutions are safe and secure is a highly sensitive issue. High-end video technology can be contributory in protecting students from interruption.

With modern video surveillance technology from MOBOTIX, the aforementioned protection requirements can be fully met. Cameras with integrated analysis function, additional apps of the MOBOTIX 7 platform and explicit solutions from our MOBOTIX partners ensure that every facility is completely protected in all relevant areas such as Entrances and access control, Rooms and corridors, Campus and perimeter protection, Fire protection, and Vandalism and theft protection

Calgary Catholic School District, Canada

La Collégiale Saint-Denis Liège, Belgium

Edmund Rice College Wollongong, Australia

The Gainsborough Academy, Gainsborough

Energy & Utilities

Intelligent security measures can Reliably Detect Threats Before They Occur. Crucial infrastructure of energy generation systems, communications systems and utilities needs to be distinctly protected and monitored for absolute consistent operation, and not just for emergency situations.

Central and critical infrastructures must be specifically secured. Not just in emergencies. High follow-up costs due to damage, repairs and power outages can be avoided by means of intelligent preventive measures.

No intruders may enter the premises, whether real or digital. Security and cybersecurity are fundamental. Access to highly sensitive areas is reserved for certain persons. This must be controlled without exception. Of course, expensive equipment must be protected from fire. Especially when flammable or dangerous substances are being used. MOBOTIX surveillance systems reliably meet these criteria.

Ampelmann, Delft, Netherlands

Laki Power, Iceland

ZAK – Zentrale Abfallwirtschaft Kaiserslautern, Germany

Wood-Fired Power Station Lohbrügge, Germany