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MGI JV-3DS Product Overview
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MGI JV-3DS Product Overview


Unique Technology that takes Print to the next level.

The “JETvarnish 3DS” is designed and manufactured by MGI with Konica Minolta technologies to help printers expand their services to include new amazing spot UV and 3D tactile varnishing capabilities.

The JETvarnish 3DS can convert regular printed output into high-margin spot UV printed sheets, or even higher margin 3D embossed jobs with up to 100 microns of varnish be applied to the sheet, which lifts the image from the page and adds a higher level of sheen to colours.

iFoil S MGI Option NOW available

Spectacular and Unique Foil effects are now available within a full digital process!
This revolutionary NEW digital process, the iFoil S eliminates the need for dies and make ready allowing production of hot foil stamping, creating High Visual Impact and Increasing Value and Profitability.

Key Features


With the single pass printing, the JETVARNISH 3DS is a UV spot varnish device, which offers high speed and high productivity. With Super fast print speeds up to 4,800 A3 sheets per hour in flat mode (2D) and up to 1,500 A3 sheets per hour in 3D mode. The JETvarnish 3DS can transform 2D flat surfaces into textured sensory experiences. Don’t limit yourself to just beautifully printed jobs – It is time to bring more value and creativity to your customers. 


The digitalization of the spot UV finishing allows you to take a few sheets from each job and spot UV coat it, so your customers can SEE and FEEL the effect that their jobs could have, this makes the MGI JV-3DS ideal for lucrative short- and medium printing.

UV Inkjet Technology

The smart combination of MGI’s exclusive inkjet technology with KONICA MINOLTAs Drop-on-Demand Piezoelectric print heads brings together the highest quality, from the first page to the very last. Konica Minoltas inkjet print heads enable lines as small as 0.5 mm or as wide as the sheet.

Precise Registration  

The JETVARNISH 3DS is equipped with Automated Registration Camera (ARC) technology designed to calibrate (on-the-fly) coating registration from sheet to sheet. The first camera reads printed marks and automatically corrects for changes in X and Y position of each sheet. The second camera detects the paper skew and makes adjustments on-the-fly. The ARC system ensures accurate spot UV coating, even on jobs with inconsistent print registration.

Production Software

The Spot Varnish Editor is designed for editing job files on-the-fly,  giving the operator the flexibility to adjust and modify his print jobs on the fly and save time and money. The Product Cost Analyser can calculate production cost to the tenth of a cent and give your customer the precise information on consumable costs are per print job, even before the job has been printed.

Extended Media Capability

Compatible for offset and digital prints – The JETVARNISH 3DS is able to  spot varnish on toner or offset prints with and without lamination, making print workflows so much more flexible and easier. Media weights from 135gsm to a huge 450gsm are able to be printed onto with ease.

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