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Konica Minolta Proves Excellence As A Strategic Business Partner With PowerHouse Exhibition Series

Konica Minolta Proves Excellence As A Strategic Business Partner With PowerHouse Exhibition Series

Hyderabad, 28 March,2024: Konica Minolta, a leader in creating connected business solutions, recently organised their second “PowerHouse” exhibition in Hyderabad. The event “Igniting Innovations, Powering Possibilities,” harnessed the full breadth of Konica Minolta’s product portfolio. Konica Minolta recognized that many businesses are facing challenges with integrating different workflow systems. The PowerHouse exhibition offered solutions to address these potential roadblocks. The series of solutions aim to create a unified platform that streamlines workflows, improves communication, and promotes sustainable practices throughout organizations.

The PowerHouse exhibition, held at Novotel in Hyderabad, featured interactive zones showcasing Konica Minolta’s wide range of solutions. These zones covered various product areas like Smart Workplace Solutions, Optimized Print Services, and Production Printers. The interactive design allowed visitors to experience Konica Minolta’s offerings firsthand.

Building on the success of the inaugural event held at Conrad, Pune, with Konica Minolta’s leadership team in attendance, including Mr. Priyangshu Das, Head of Enterprise Sales Division, Mr. Manish Gupta, Head of Product Lifecycle Management and Planning Division (Production & Industrial Business), Mr. Sanjay Monga, Head of Marketing Operation Division & Mr. S. Parameswaran Iyer, Head of Product Lifecycle Management and Planning Division (Office Business). The Hyderabad exhibition attracted a mix of valued customers and potential new clients, exceeding expectations with over 500+ attendees.

Similarly, a wide range of sustainable substrates are made available, including recycled paper, FSC-certified materials, post-consumer waste options, and even tree-free alternatives. By rethinking the materials used in printing, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the depletion of natural resources.

Embracing digital printing’s environmental advantages

Digital printing, with its remarkable efficiency and versatility, has emerged as a key driver of sustainable printing practices. Unlike traditional methods, digital printers eliminate the need for etched metal plates, thus reducing energy consumption and waste generation. Improved polymerised toner quality has now enabled an environmentally sustainable print by utilising approximately 25% less water compared to a conventional pulverised toner.

Commenting on the success of the exhibition, Mr Katsuhisa Asari, Managing Director at Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, said, “Konica Minolta understands that businesses thrive by prioritizing their core competencies. That’s why we offer intelligent business solutions that act as your trusted technology partner. We manage your IT infrastructure, data environments, and automation, freeing you to focus on what you do best. Our PowerHouse exhibition series showcases this vision. By experiencing our connected solutions firsthand, business leaders see how innovation empowers them. Each Konica Minolta solution is powerful on its own, but together they create a comprehensive and scalable ecosystem for your business success.”

The Smart Office Solutions Zone showcased a powerful combination: industry-leading printing devices, Unified Communication (UC) Solutions,and Optimized Print Services. This synergy offered a glimpse into a future of streamlined workflows and boosted employee productivity.

Unified Communication platforms streamline workflows by merging communication tools (calls, messages, meetings) into a single platform. This not only simplifies daily work for employees but also provides valuable data on communication patterns. While some specialized tools may still be needed, a unified platform offers significant benefits for most knowledge workers. These platforms are increasingly cloud-based, offering more features and easier disaster recovery compared to traditional on-premises solutions. Businesses can now attract and retain top talent regardless of location, as employees can work from wherever they’re most productive.

MOBOTIX surveillance cameras are intelligent video systems that are essentially computers with a lens. Their robust design ensures reliability outdoors, while indoor options offer exceptional value. MOBOTIX thermal cameras add another layer of safety, using change in temperature to identify potential hazards. This integrated ecosystem enhances situational awareness and operational efficiency which are the key benefits for modern businesses.

Additionally, the Smart Office Solutions Zone presented next-generation Smart MFP devices that offered cloud-integration as well as robust security. With its seamless marriage of speed, reliability, the product arsenal was a glimpse into the future, where Intelligent Information Management becomes the backbone of a thriving organisation.

The Business Application Zone brought Konica Minolta’s complete production printing workflow to life. Visitors witnessed the process unfold, starting with high-volume printers and progressing through post-press applications like UV spotting and embellishments. The zone culminated in a demonstration of precise roll-to-roll (R2R) labelling, highlighting the power of on-demand label printing. Seeing real-time label creation showcased the potential for significantly reduced lead times and minimized inventory. This streamlined workflow empowers businesses to react swiftly to changing market demands. Overall, the PowerHouse event provided a platform for customers to experience how partnering with Konica Minolta can elevate their business through efficient and responsive printing solution.

In a world increasingly defined by data and efficiency, Konica Minolta isn’t just a vendor, we are a strategic partner. Positioned as the blueprint for the future of intelligent business. Konica Minolta Business Solutions demonstrated the “Power of One” philosophy, for preparing organisations to navigate the complexities of the world of work, where digital transformation becomes knowledge, and knowledge becomes power.